A Perspective on Women in Agriculture and life at D&R by Alison Aitken

It's quite often the case that, as a farmer’s daughter – especially if you have a brother – you might know that you want to work in the industry, but the reality is that you may never take over the farm. This was the case for Alison Aitken, who was brought up on her family farm…

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New EPC Regulations Impact Lettings

Much accommodation built in the late 20th Century for farm labourers is redundant for that purpose and is now let out. Whilst it can produce a good income stream,  there have been many changes to the residential let sector law and regulations in recent years. Of particular note…

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Tenants Amnesty - Don't leave it too late to claim

The Scottish Government has been highlighting the Tenant's Amnesty - something we mentioned in a previous newsletter so we wanted to give you an update. D&R Director Ian Austin is the President of SAAVA (The Scottish Agricultural Arbiters & Valuers Association) this year…

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Women in Agriculture

Women in Agriculture - around 50% of our staff are women, it’s common sense and our ‘normal’ At D&R, we’ve always had a large proportion of women in professional roles, but that’s not the case across the agricultural sector. Several of our staff attended the Royal Highland…

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