Rural Dispute Resolution


Through our Managing Director we are able to offer a dispute resolution service tailored to rural property issues.

Over recent years we have seen an increasing requirement for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in rural matters to avoid court proceedings. This is delivered by three mechanisms:

Mediation – Facilitating the parties to come up with solutions
Arbitration – Deciding within the parameters of cases presented
Independent Expert – Deciding based on professional judgement

Our Managing Director, Martin Hall, is well qualified to deliver this service with over 24 years working in the rural economy in Scotland. As well as being a Fellow of the RICS and CAAV he is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and a RICS accredited mediator. As a past president of SAAVA he helped draft the Short Form Arbitration rules for agricultural rent disputes.

The cost of the service is very much dependent on the circumstances and requirements. If you have a need for any form of ADR please call Martin in confidence in the first instance.