Communications Masts

Have you got communication masts on your land and are you getting the right rent for the terms of your agreement?  D&R has a wealth of knowledge and experience in communication masts lease negotiations.

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The UK Government’s drive to improve mobile communications led to the new Digital Economy Act 2017 and new Electronic Communications Code governing behaviour of site providers (landowners and secure agricultural tenants) and site operators with communications apparatus. This new legislation makes it even more important to ensure site providers are getting the right advice and rent for the terms of their lease/agreement.

Undue pressure has been brought to bear on landowners from companies trying to establish a new, lower rent “norm” for existing sites. D&R has observed several examples of sharp practice by providers looking to take advantage of site providers in trying to acquire rights for a fraction of their value.  Site operators are also actively looking for new sites under new Code terms, which are less favourable than those under older code agreements.

Site providers should take professional advice from a Rural Surveyor who understands the intricacies of the new Code.

Fees usually paid: site provider’s reasonable fees for Surveyors and Solicitors are usually paid for by the site operator looking to obtain a lease for a new site or varying the terms of an existing lease.

At Davidson & Robertson, our team has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience of helping site providers in communications negotiations. Across both Scotland and Northern England, we have a proven track record in negotiating beneficial heads of terms for new sites, the management of ongoing agreements (e.g. rent reviews), agreeing access requirements for works, negotiating lease variations, assignations and managing the decommissioning of sites.

The introduction of the Digital Economy Act 2017 brought about significant changes in the communications industry, so it is more important than ever to ensure that landowners obtain the correct advice. Our team are on hand with the specialist knowledge to help you with this.

Please give your local Davidson & Robertson office a call to discuss your needs.

“Hopetoun Estates has had a long association with Davidson & Robertson, using their services over decades in a wide number of areas including contract farming advice. The firm has consistently provided a professional and practical service which delivers excellent results to the estate.”

Donald Noble, Chief Executive, Hopetoun Estates


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