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 When you want professional property management services tailored to your needs.

Davidson & Robertson offers a range of Property Management services that can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. We manage a substantial volume of property on behalf of clients across Scotland and Northern England, ranging from farm cottages to traditional rural estates, forests to quarries, fields to strategic development land. These assets are managed using a range of residential, agricultural, sporting and commercial tenancies, contract farming agreements, and other forms of contracts.

With the use of specialist property management software, we ensure that all leases, licences and other contracts relating to the properties are managed timeously and effectively. We also offer our clients a range of administration services including rent collection, book-keeping and pay roll.

Agreements made with the best intentions but incorrectly documented can store up future problems and have unintended consequences. Owners should always keep an eye on future plans and tax strategy, ensuring ‘here and now’ actions and decisions are not fundamentally prejudicial to reaching the end goal. Those decisions are easier made when properly advised and fully considered.

Registered Letting Agents: Davidson & Robertson is pleased to confirm that it is now a Registered Letting Agent, registration no. LARN190465. If you require any assistance with your residential lettings, please contact your local D&R Office.

“Davidson & Robertson has looked after Dalserf Estate on my behalf for over 25 years, applying proactive and up-to-date management skills. I am continually impressed by the firm’s ability to stay ahead of the curve.”

C Henderson Hamilton
Dalserf Estate, Lanarkshire

Please give your local Davidson & Robertson office a call to discuss your needs.

“Hopetoun Estates has had a long association with Davidson & Robertson, using their services over decades in a wide number of areas including contract farming advice. The firm has consistently provided a professional and practical service which delivers excellent results to the estate.”

Donald Noble, Chief Executive, Hopetoun Estates


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