Davidson & Robertson has a long history in advising on renewables projects, with experience of acting for both developers and landowners. To date Davidson & Robertson has been involved in projects totalling over 800 MW of consented capacity ranging from DIY single Tubine Feed in Tariff (FiT) projects, Solar Arrays and Biomass Installations through to large wind farms involving multi-million pound investment.

Small Scale Renewables

Davidson & Robertson is involved in many small scale schemes as a result of strong client interest from the introduction of the Feed In Tariff (FiT). To date Davidson & Robertson has submitted in excess of 30 planning applications and has advised on over 50 FiT lease agreements. Davidson & Robertson can tailor the service to meet your exact needs. Services include:

Site Assessment

Davidson & Robertson has experience in assessing site suitability and carrying out project appraisals for small scale renewable projects.


Davidson & Robertson has extensive experience of the mechanisms and structure of local planning policy and the requirements for small scale renewable projects.

Project Management

This service offers clients hassle free management of every aspect of a project from site assessment, grid connection feasibility, finance, to supervision and sign off on the turbine installation. 

Site Tendering

We have a honed list of Developers that are still looking for sites for Wind and Solar FiT installations in Scotland. We are able to tender landholdings to ensure owners get the best offer, from the best in the market, in a managed and proactive way rather than reacting solely to who has turned up at the farm


Commercial Wind Farms

Davidson & Robertson has a wide range of experience in large scale wind farm development acting for both land owners and developers. Projects have ranged from 6MW sites through to some of the largest schemes in Scotland such as Blacklaw and Clyde wind farms. This detailed knowledge and experience of the market ensures that Davidson & Robertson can negotiate favourable terms. Services include:

Site assessment and market comment

While many large onshore wind farm sites have now been developed or are under option there is still considerable interest in small to medium scale sites which have been previously overlooked. The shortage of sites combined with an increasing number of potential developers has served to drive rental figures up. By frequently going out to the market on tenders we have up to date information on market rates.

Prospecting, Land referencing, Site Assembly, Access and Services Negotiation

Davidson & Robertson has carried out a number of large scale prospecting exercises for wind farm developers identifying potential sites and target areas. Wind farms often require the involvement of a number of land interests to make a project viable. This may include negotiation for access provision and cable routes. Davidson & Robertson Rural’s long experience in the utilities field make us ideally placed to carry out this work.

Negotiation of joint venture, option and lease agreements

There are a number of ways in which a project can be taken forward which represent trade offs between risk and reward. These range from a straight lease agreement to a landowner retaining an equity share. There are a myriad of points which need to be covered including option payments, rents and reinstatement provisions. Taking professional advice from the landowner’s professional advisers, including land agent, solicitor and accountant, is a must.

Preparation of Records of Condition

It is important that a detailed record of condition is taken prior to works commencing. This ensures that if problems arise during the construction process and arguments ensue over reinstatement there is a base record to refer to. The level of disturbance caused by wind farm construction should not be underestimated.


Whether for sale purposes or tax planning Davidson & Robertson has experience in the often complex matter of valuing income streams from wind farm development.


“Davidson & Robertson Rural’s guidance has been essential to navigate through the commercial deal and to identify the areas where extra revenue can be obtained. Their ‘down to earth’ approach and knowledge of the practical issues works for us”

John Wight & Sons, Midlock, Lanarkshire