Energy Storage – diversified income

Opportunities for diversified income for landowners from energy storage are out there with improvements in battery and gas turbine technology, providing short term operating reserve (STOR) at times of peak demand from the grid.

Battery storage sites consist of custom-built shipping containers. So long as they are located adjacent to, or near, 11kv or 33kv powerlines or substations with sufficient excess transmission capacity then the site can be in the corner of a field. Hardstanding or former quarries with up to an acre of level ground and good access are ideal. Gas turbine sites have an additional requirement of proximity to a

gas mains supply. The market is relatively undeveloped and there are opportunities to negotiate good rents. Agreements tend to be for 25 years with rents based on the export capacity of the site as well as the cost of grid connection. They can be up to £1,350 per MW for battery sites and more for gas turbine sites with professional costs met by developers. Contact your local office or Derek Bathgate in Ayr on 01292 265 851

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