The rise of the rural entrepreneur

Martin Hall - MD

Necessity is the mother of invention. In recent years there has been a big drive to encourage businesses to diversify, consequently, there’s more business variety in our countryside than ever before. This is driven by numerous factors, but primarily the need to generate more income from farm assets.

There is also the succession argument for farm businesses (or businesses with farming at the core) where the next generation has worked off-farm, often in other professions or industry. Generating enough income to support another family often relies on alternative income. This is often sought either by utilising the property assets, or by utilising the diverse skillset available – diversifying the farmer, rather than the farm. Developing the rural business owner – the rural entrepreneur.

Today, there’s more encouragement to give people in rural areas the confidence to have a go – be that the successful Scottish Enterprise Rural Leadership Programme, SAYFC Cultivating Leaders Business Programme, or other business skills courses. There is also a transformation in the way information can be accessed via technology, broadband etc.

What can D&R do to help? As rural businesspeople with a broad awareness and experience of what works, we can:

  • Appraise existing businesses
  • Assist in delivering new enterprises
  • Manage existing assets in new ways
  • Enable succession of rural businesses
  • Provide key cover for businesses with staff

Practice what we preach. At D&R, we develop our people, we encourage progression and succession, and we look to the future to see how we can help you to add value to your business in the future. We also participate in many training courses, as well as looking at the future skill requirements of our broad client base, to make both you and us fit for the future.

Author: Martin Hall MD (Edinburgh)  sits on the CAAV Future Skills Group and ScEnt Harvesting the Growth.

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