Increased Payment Rates for Countryside Stewardship in England

Chris Edmunds CAAV Chair

With the start of the new year the there are changes to rates and payments for Countryside Stewardship in England.

Capital Grants
DEFRA have announced that the majority of Countryside Stewardship capital payments will increase from 5th January 2023, with rates up by an average of 48%. The increased rates will apply to capital agreements applied for on or after 5th January 2023 but will not be backdated.

A full list of the increased capital payment rates is available here

Countryside Stewardship Revenue Payments
Both new and existing Countryside Stewardship agreement holders will benefit from revenue payment increases of 10% on average, backdated to 1st January 2023.

A full list of the increased revenue payment rates is available here

Revenue rates will remain the same for those in Environmental Stewardship (ES) agreements.

Sustainable Farming Incentive
New management payment of £20/ha on the first 50ha of any application has been announced, with 3 standards currently available – arable & horticultural soils, improved grassland soils, moorland. Applications are on a rolling basis and any agreement will last for 3 years with quarterly payments. There are also annual health and welfare review funding also available.

England Woodland Creation Offer
There have been changes to the payment cap and maintenance payments for the England Woodland Creation Offer.

  • Payment cap on standard items increased from £8,500 to £10,200.
  • Maintenance payments increased from £300/ha to £350/ha per year.

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