Davidson & Robertson Director becomes National President of CAAV

CAAV Presidential Team Mike Taylor (Junior Vice-President) Martin Hall (CAAV National President), Julie Liddle (Senior Vice-President)

On June 28th, Senior Director Martin Hall, became President of CAAV (Central Association of Agricultural Valuers). CAAV members are agricultural and rural valuers who provide professional advice and valuation expertise on issues affecting the countryside. Martin was elected to the Executive Committee in 2021 and sits on the CAAV Panel of Arbitrators.

As Vice President, Martin has met with regional groups across the UK and will continue visiting the remaining Local Associations this year. Martin commented:

“It is a real honour to become CAAV President. Being able to talk to groups across very diverse geography is a real opportunity to share knowledge, be informed and learn more, which helps when advising our clients too.

“Whilst there are regional differences, there are key issues that Agricultural Valuers have in common:

  • Recruitment right across the UK is a priority. CAAV has a growing membership, but the demand on our services is growing exponentially. There have never been so many FAAV qualified Agricultural Valuers, or probationers undertaking their exams, but there are still not enough. This is mainly as a result of the drivers in the renewables and infrastructure sector and the push for net zero energy.
  • Greater demand for valuation services also comes from the changing agricultural landscape, with support changes in process, and new demands on land, be it energy, environment, development or recreation. Succession is no longer a foregone conclusion, and with diversification opportunities growing, farming families are changing how they operate.
  • The CAAV pushes hard and has good engagement with the 4 nations governments on devolved land use and agricultural policies, but the speed and quantity of legislation being piled on the rural property sector is unprecedented. The need to influence, understand and make it work on the ground will continue.”

Concluding, Martin said “there has never been a more exciting time to be leading the profession. Yes there are challenges navigating through some of what is ahead, but there are undoubtedly opportunities and being aware, and understanding the true value of, as well as being able to engage in the right way will be important in the next period for our sector”.

Martin Hall can be contacted on 0131 449 6212.

Learn more about the CAAV Presidential team.


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