Rural property: more sellers are trusting D&R

Rural property more sellers are trusting D&R

This Spring, we’ve seen a fivefold increase in rural property owners approaching us to sell their properties.  The number coming to market is increasing, and more sellers are choosing us as their agent for both on and off-market sales.

Confidence in what we can achieve for both buyers and sellers is very encouraging. Word spreads quickly in rural communities and referrals go a long way when people are deciding who they want alongside to sell their property.

The uncertainty of higher interest rates, coupled with the effect of Brexit and policy changes, held the market back, but there are now more properties coming to market as this uncertainty lifts and sellers make a move.

Other factors influencing decisions to sell relate to changes in circumstances, with some choosing to retire, others looking at restructuring their farming enterprises and some selling due to lack of succession. Some are transitioning from traditional farming and want to cash in on environmental enhancements.  We are also likely to see more smaller pockets of land come to market from sellers looking to reduce debt when faced with higher borrowing interest rates.

The market shows signs of being more active than in the last few years. Whilst spring is traditionally a time when properties launch, D&R is seeing this timeline stretch well into the year.

We have been approached by many more sellers this spring compared to last year, but not all were ready to launch in spring.  For some, the extremely cold and wet weather delayed coming to market, waiting for the ground to dry and fields to green up so their properties look their best.

For others, the wet, cold winter and spring have solidified their decision to sell later in the year or 2025. Getting the right advice at a very early stage is important. Conversations about planning, preparation and market appraisals at the start of the decision-making process are crucial. They can help iron out issues and uncertainty and make the process less daunting.

D&R has a diverse portfolio of properties coming to market including farms, land, rural properties, development opportunities and woodlands. If you are considering buying or selling, contact Chris Edmunds, Will Dalrymple or the sales team for a confidential, no-obligation discussion on 01900 268 633 or 0131 449 6212


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