A Perspective on Women in Agriculture and life at D&R by Alison Aitken

It's quite often the case that, as a farmer’s daughter – especially if you have a brother – you might know that you want to work in the industry, but the reality is that you may never take over the farm. This was the case for Alison Aitken, who was brought up on her family farm…

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When a shelter belt becomes a money belt

When a shelter belt becomes a money belt Shelterbelts: A good market - where once, there was no market   Timber prices are performing well, which is good news for those who have forestry investments - it’s also opened up a market for farmers to cash in on timber, farming their…

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It’s all in the pipeline - Looking after farmers best interests on Utilities pipeline

One of England’s largest water pipeline schemes is carving its way across the Cumbrian landscape, to enable a new water supply to feed the West Coast of Cumbria.  The project is understood to be affecting approximately 375 farmers/landowners with work in progress easy to spot…

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Turiff Show Success

Davidson and Robertson hosted a summer seminar at the 2018 Turriff Show on Monday 6th August with an intrigued audience. With the focus throughout being on ‘Farming for the Future’, clients and show attendees in North-East listened to four topical subjects. Agricultural…

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