Significant infrastructure projects will affect land and property owners

Pylons in fields

D&R has seen an increase in infrastructure and development projects affecting clients across Scotland and Northern England. From road and rail networks to renewables and electrical infrastructure investments, there are significant projects affecting landowners/occupiers now and several in the pipeline.

From experience, we know that engaging in the process at the earliest possible stage can make a significant difference in the longer term – and in most cases, clients’ costs will be met by the project.

As we see demand to ‘de carbonise’ and generate electricity from renewable sources, we know there is set to be huge investment in electrical infrastructure. In Scotland, new offshore developments are coming onshore and the networks need significant expansion to harness that power. There are also multiple projects across Scotland where existing pylons are being upgraded. Other energy projects need to consider too – like solar power and battery storage. We’ve also heard talk of a hydrogen pipeline coming down through Scotland from SGN (previously Scottish Gas Networks).

Acting as an agent for clients, we can act quickly, engage in early discussions, help mitigate impact, consider practical issues you will face, and negotiate on your behalf.

If you are facing any form of land/property purchase or if contractors or utility companies require access to your land, and you haven’t yet engaged an experienced agent, contact your local D&R office or speak to Ian Austin on 0131 449 1151.


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