Case Study: D&R supports Carloonan Farm to reverse years of losses

Brian Walker, Carloonan Farm, SSEN Infrastructure project, Pylon in background of farm and land D&R Case Study

Nestled in the charming and tranquil district of Argyll and Bute is Carloonan Farm in Inverary. 

The farm has been battling with SSEN for just over a year to get a fair and proper compensation package for disruption caused by the installation of a new overhead line. The line, which is the second project of this type to impact their land directly, is planned to run from Dalmally, through their ground and the neighbouring tenants’ ground. 

The health and welfare of the farm’s livestock will be heavily impacted by the installation of a new pylon line; however, the farm has no choice in the matter. 

The project will bring many disturbances to the farm, some examples are:  

  • Two years of construction traffic driving around livestock and cattle in the summer 
  • Hefted sheep stock being disturbed from their natural shelter 
  • Sheep concentrated areas causing overgraze and distortion of management of land 

Throughout the process, D&R has supported the farm by handling the bulk of the negotiations with SSEN, compiling a structure of claims, and assisting the farm in understanding the legislation and what they are entitled to. 

D&R has successfully secured a compensation package which will be paid up-front to Carloonan Farm to compensate for the farm’s losses during the works and for years to come. 

Brian Walker, of Carloonan Farm said: 

“I’m sure there are a lot of people in my situation who are experiencing this for the first time and would feel quite intimidated. Without prior experience or knowledge of the law through an expert land agent, you can be left with long-term costs and losses to your business. 

To keep on top of constantly changing laws, you need people like D&R who know the legislation inside and out. In my opinion D&R are leading at the front for farmers.

I also want to give a special thanks to Alasdair Allan and Graeme Ferguson who have been supporting the farm through everything.”

If your land is impacted by utilities projects contact Ian Austin, Director and Head of Utilities, Energy, and Infrastructure on 0131 449 6212. 


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