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Jenny Baillie, our Graduate Surveyor based at Linlithgow, is a member of the NFU Scotland Next Generation Committee and is also very involved with the SAYFC.

“I’ve always been encouraged to think of the bigger picture – improving my business thinking from gaining guidance from peers, listening to industry leaders and those lobbying on our behalf, so it was disappointing to see there were so few under 30’s at the NFU Scotland AGM.

I was wearing several caps, one of which was as a member of the Next Generation Committee. We meet regularly to discuss how the Union can help to represent younger farmers and those entering the industry, and the policies and issues that affect them.

The Next Generation Committee aims to host an event in every region of Scotland to gather more grassroot farming individuals and to show off a positive case for agriculture. I am involved in the Joint Venture Hub that provides Tenancies, Contract Farming or Share Farming opportunities for ‘determined youthful farmers’ to grasp – helping develop their farming businesses. It’s refreshing to hear that younger farmers are taking up this opportunity, with 26 applicants hoping to find experienced farmers willing to help them learn and grow.

It would be good to see more peers provide young farmers with the chance to make best use of their resources. Since the launch, 4 landowners have registered to the venture hub. There are plenty potential setbacks that new entrants can face, but this shift in operating just might catch on”

Author: Jenny Baillie – Graduate Surveyor

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