Where will new homes come from?

New homes

Planning & Development – where will new homes come from?

The need for housing – urban or rural – continues apace. A recent study identifying the need for 1 million homes in the UK confirms this. The last few years have seen housebuilding blossom again, although mostly by large scale plc housebuilders.

So where will the new homes come from? The answer is that in reality, they will come from rural landowners bringing land forward to be developed. Some will be house plots on the edge of existing settlements, some from the conversion of farm buildings, or on sites of former buildings, by building retirement homes for rural farm businesses, and some from larger strategic land releases forming new settlements.

How can this be achieved? Much of the answer is in engaging with the Local Development Plan process at an early stage. It will also be about taking advantage of existing planning policy and then marketing sites. We are currently dealing with sites from 1 to 2000+ homes in size.

If you think you might have a site suitable for some development, regardless of size, contact your local D&R office or speak to Martin Hall.

Article by Martin Hall, D&R Managing Director

Martin Hall - MD

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