Energy Development Surge  

wind turbines
The Energy sector is buoyant.  Developers are hungry to acquire land rights to enable energy projects of various types across Scotland and Northern England.

Wind and solar farms, energy storage and grid balancing sites are the headline developments on the menu and there is a plethora of development companies seeking to invest in this growth sector.  This appetite represents a significant opportunity for landowners to use their property assets to generate cash from rental income or sale capital.

D&R is fielding enquiries from developers looking for land suitable for siting energy generating, storage or transmission apparatus, be they turbines, panels, batteries, fly wheels, electronic vehicle charging points, etc. In brief, here are the main opportunities and their key requirements:

Wind Farm

·         Over 500ac of bare land

·         Clear of residential property and environmental designations

·         Electricity grid access and capacity relatively close-by

·         Good access for turbine component delivery

Solar Farm

·         Broad range of land size options depending on where electricity is exported:

o    A few acres next to a major electricity consumer (factory, cold storage, etc)

o    Over 50ac for exporting to national grid

·         Electricity grid access capacity close-by, or adjacent to a major consumer of electricity

·         Land south-facing or relatively flat and not overshadowed by hills, trees, tall buildings, etc.

Energy Storage/Grid Balancing Sites

·         A few acres of bare land

·         Electricity grid access close-by i.e., land within sight of a national grid sub-station

·         Located near large centres of population

Have you got land that matches the above criteria? Do you need to discuss how this could be promoted to developers with a view to securing a development agreement?. Our surveyors will work with your other professional advisers – solicitor and accountant – to secure a legal agreement that suits your circumstances and is tax efficient.  For advice, contact your local D&R office.

Derek Bathgate, Lead Director for Energy

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