Land diversification and development

Paul Robinson - development and diversification

The changing landscape for agriculture has led to an increasing demand for clients looking for diversification and development opportunities. As a result, D&R has seen growth of land coming to market with development potential and an increasing number of clients looking for guidance on diversification and grant led projects for the future.

We are currently involved in 100+ sites across Scotland in the North East, the Central Belt, and South West and over the border in Cumbria  There are also opportunities to have a developer/promoter on board to best unlock potential and add value.

D&R Director Chris Edmunds heads our Planning and Development projects, Chris said “Land and property owners are certainly more willing to review their options, asking us for an experienced outside view to help develop a strategy that will work best for the longer term.

“We are finding landowners are keen to explore adding value to their land for housing and other development uses including renewables. It is a different income stream, and with the changing agricultural landscape and grant support, we are able to provide strategic advice to clients by using our skill sets across a range of workstreams including assessing development opportunities, land management, utilities valuations & sales.”

Supporting Chris in this area are Associate Director Stuart Lobb and Associate Paul Robinson, both of whom have experience in planning regulations and property legal systems.

For more information contact Chris Edmunds or Paul Robinson  on 01900 268 633 and Ian Austin or Stuart Lobb on 0131 449 6212


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